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Coco Chanel’s Tribute To Fashion and Style


Early Life

Coco Chanel was born to an unwed mom who only worked as a laundry woman in charity hospital in France. Her father worked and peddled clothes and undergarments in the street. She was only twelve when her mom died of bronchitis. When Chanel reached twelve she left home and lives in a boarding house for Catholic girls. Later in life she fabricated stories about her life story assuming that her past was too cruel and painful to share with others. She even invented that her birth year was 1893 instead of 1883.

The Start of Her Life on Stage

During her six years of stay in Aubazine, she was able to get a job as a seamstress. When her work is done with needles, she actually sang in cabarets for officials. She love to dubbed and one of her most popular dubbed acts was poseues which actually entertained a lot of cavalry officials. This was actually the time she acquired the name ‘Coco’ from Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

Legacy as Designer

Chanel’s design actually boomed out during 1915. Harper’s Bazaar actually raved that a woman without any Chanel stuff is out of fashion. Her actual designed redefined the style and fashion of WWI. The trademark that bears her styles was liberated physicality and unencumbered sportive self-esteem. Her style and fashion was actually pursuits by elite especially with those in the British Royal Families. She pursued her styles and designs in water sports and from there she invented her clothing around the sailor’s wardrobe of bell bottom pants, striped shirts, espadrille shoes and crewneck sweaters.

Ethnic Influence

Designers   Paul Poiret and Fortuny were the ones who introduced ethnic influence to Chanel during the year 1900’s. In the early 20’s she continued the Slav-design. She incorporated embroidery on her design and it was executed by Kitmir. During this year she introduced her first evening dress with embroidered headscarf. This headscarf was called ‘Babushka’. She also introduced clothing such as long belted blouse, square neckline blouses and Russian muzhiks. She even incorporated her evening dresses with black embroidery and crystals for more dramatic effect.

The Chanel Suit

Coco’s triumph and success boomed when she introduced her line of clothing made from jersey fabric. She made a loud buzz when she introduced her jersey suit line of pleated skirt, cardigan jacket and pullover top. This wardrobe was great when paired up with low heels and became of the most preferred style of fashion amongst elite women.

The Little Black Dress

The concept of this little black dress actually contributed a huge influenced in the fashion today. The first little black dress was made from silk and crepe de chine with long sleeves. During the year 1926, the Vogue showcased Chanel’s little black dress as garconne or little boy look. According to Vogue magazine this little black dress will surely become sort of standard clothing amongst women in all fashion taste. The little black dress was actually likened with the black Ford car. Although this dress got lots of criticisms from the male genders as they described it as ‘no bosom, no tummy dress’, it was still loved by numerous women.

Costume Jewelry

Since jewelries are very expensive and women love to have those pearls and diamonds around their necks during the WW I era, Chanel thought of raiding her own vault and found something that made a name on her Chanel line. She made partnership with Duke Fulco di Verdura and made her first Chanel line of jewelries. Her personal favourite was her white enameled cuff. This enameled cuff has Maltese cross on it. This has become an iconic jewelry in Verdura’s collection. The rich and famous actually fell in love with this creation and this become very successful. According to Chanel, “I hate it when I walked around with millions of dollars around my neck. I just love costume jewelries because of its distinctive color and style.” Chanle even added that fake jewelries are truly provocative.

The Chanel Bag

Chanel conceived and introduced a new line of bags. She believed that every woman should have her own handbag that will tell something about her personality. It was February 1955 when Chanel first showcased her line of bags. Her line of bags was made from jersey and leather materials, hand quilted designs. Adding more drama on her bags were the chains that was inspired by those caretakers who monitored the on her boarding school house when she was only twelve. The inner lining was even inspired by the convent girls’ uniform.

During the 80’s the bag was incarnated by Karl Lagerfeld. The line of Chanel bags were called as Reissue.

These are the details of Coco Chanel. Her life story and how she got the famous name in the fashion industry as well as her contributions.