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Move over Lady GaGa, there is new player in town and she really knows how to rock Chic Dress. Let me introduce you to Nicki Minaj, famous for songs such as ‘Starships’. She is one of the only artists who has managed to really traverse the boundary between Techo and Pop Music, and she has taken the world by storm as a result. This girl really is going to be sticking around for a long time to come. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there who want to rock the everyday dress that Nicki Minaj is famous for.

Nicki Minaj, like Lady GaGa often makes the news for the weird and wonderful outfits that she tries to pull off. Honestly, you should see the outfit that she is wearing in the ‘Starships’ video. Despite this however, if you ever see Nic

ki perform live you would notice that the clothing that she wears is something that can be worn everyday by anybody, although of course there are a few more of those extravagant outfits thrown in for good measure.

The key thing to remember about the Nicki Minaj is that with her sublime figure and bea

utiful voice she is able to rock almost any look that she wants. Whilst she mainly opts for everyday dress, she does interlace this with a slightly more chic dress sense. This means that she spruces her outfit up with elements of smart. This includes incorporate accessories such as a tie and a belt, although from time to time you may find her attempting to pull off a hat (and it works too!). What you also need to remember is that the way to succeed in the music industry nowadays is to craft your own look, and I am sure you can agree, Nicki does this pretty well. You don’t need flamboyancy or to show off a lot of skin. You just need to look stylish. Many people copy some of the ideas that Nicki presents for her casual look but add their own kick to it to look brilliant, and this is what I suggest you do.

You will need a variety of items to pull off the look that Nicki has, although I suggest you start with the basics such as the types of jeans that she wears, as well as any belts and copies of the shirts that she wears.

If you want to copy the everyday dress that Nicki Minaj pulls off ever so fluently I suggest that you take a little look at some of her pictures online. You will see that her fashion sense is absolutely sublime, but it always comes down to basics. The majority of what she wears can be picked up from a store which specialises in Chic Dress. In fact, why not take a little bit of what Nicki Minaj wears and incorporate it into your own style? Who says that you need to copy a person like for like.