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Smart casual dress attire possesses all excellent qualities of a smart attire and casual wear that is combined to create a winning look. Although this is the most uncertain dress code, this is kept clean and simple. T-shirts and trainers are not worn because they do not create a smart appeal. The smart casual attire is simply made with non-stretchable fabrics, cuffs, formal collars and stylish buttons. Truly, this attire creates a sophisticated look and a smart appeal for a person.


More so, smart casual dress attire creates a good impression when applying for an interview. This impression is necessary because it only reflects that you are well-prepared and is decent. The board of directors will look impressed when you are not in t-shirt or jeans. Also, it is a must to consider an office-based or administration-based role that requires a casual dress code. However, this dress code is not applicable to those who will work in a construction.


On the other hand, smart casual dress attire is a relaxed dress style that is adopted by many individuals who work for companies. The casual attire is different from business attire with regard to its functionality. This creates more impression among employees.


However, you have to remember that wearing formal attire is not a must to achieving a

smart casual appearance. As a substitute, you can go for slacks to wear on your bottom, vest or jacket on the blouse, blouse on your top and a proper jewelry. On several occasions, smart casual dress attire makes less that you must not go overboard with jewelries and accessories.


One of the good alternatives in smart casual dress attire is to get an elegantly made sweater that matches up with heels and semi-skirt. This makes a marvelously elegant look that is great for a smart casual environment and setting. To choose the best outfit, you have to use the very basics in fashion sense to search the colors that flow and match with other colors. More so, you can search for a versatile wardrobe that is pulled together along with your clothes in the closet.


When do you think is the best time to wear smart casual dress attire? The dress is appropriate to be used when going to late night parties, upscale restaurants and theaters. The dress is also suitable for offsite-working related activities and in the office.


For women to create their smart casual dress attire, they may choose to wear a tailored shirtdress that can be worn under your jacket. The fabrics may also include dress denim, tweed, twill, sleek wool, wale corduroy, and many refined materials.


And since smart casual dress attire should come in a completed and coordinated look, t-shirts and strap tops should not be included. More so, the smart casual piece that you wear should come along with smart accessories. For instance, you may want to add a beautiful scarf and bold necklace to create a good touch. You must ensure to create a good and finished look and avoid flimsy fabrications and overstitched necklines that need to be layered.


Furthermore, smart casual dress attire is perfect for a smart casual setting or environment and is best as an everyday dress.