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 Why Italian Women Are  Always Stylish No Matter They Wear A Chic Dress Or Just An Everyday Casual Wear?

Italy, in addition to amazing food, friendly people and art cities, is well known in the whole world for its fashion industry. And I’m not just talking about the ones that we all know, like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Gucci, Versace and company. The pret-à-porter industry, that is more approachable for the common women, is full of italian names and brands. Some examples? I’m sure you’ve already heard about Patrizia Pepe, Benetton, Blumarine, Dsquared…

In fact, one of the factors that contributed more to the affirmation of a style worldwide approved and taken as example, like the Italian style is, surely, the quality of the Italian pret-à-porter. Though Italian women can’t afford high fashion or famous desgner’s clothing, they just have to go to center of their cities for finding dozens of mono and multi-brand shops who sell the best pret-à-porter Italian brands. Prices are accessible to all the working women, with a family, and the items are trendy, good tasting, quality, with all the characteristics of the fine MADE IN ITALY. In this shops women buy chic dresses, everyday dresses and casual wear too, without spending too much and always finding beautiful items.

In addition to this, each tourist can notice that in Italy fashion is an essential component of people’s lives and society (just like economy is in the USA): you can see it in the streets, breathe in the air, feel it everywhere! Italian women, since they were young, grow up closely with the fashion world, and, by watching the ladies in the streets, trying their mom’s clothes and make ups, they develop a deep sense of fashion.

Fashion then become an important part of the way they see the world, as well as a way to express themselves and, why not, to succeed in the society and at work. Young Italian women, since they were teenager, care much of the way they look, they’re always in competition with each other and searching their personal fashion style.

That constant search, combined to the closeness to the fashion and art world, significantly influences Italian women taste and sense of style. They are practical, passionate, working women, that care a lot about their family, but also have an innate sense of style and know how to choose a dress or how to match an accessory, like no one else in the world can do.