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Dear customers of the CitySafari on-line store, please, read carefully our Terms of Delivery of purchased goods.
Please, pay attention that by the purchase of goods you become bound to the present Terms of Delivery. The validity of the consumer contract signed on-line is conditional on the acceptance of the Terms hereunder.

If the present Terms do not contain answers to all your questions, related to the delivery and receipt of the goods purchased by you, please, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail message to the following address:

We will answer any of your questions with pleasure.

Thank you for your time.

§1. The goods ordered via shall be delivered without any restriction to the country where the customer is settled or where he has pointed out an address of delivery with the exception of the cases of restriction of the service under the terms of the postal service of the recipient-country or in case of force majeure.

§2. “Address of delivery” is the address, pointed out in the registration form or additionally specified through electronic correspondence, to which the purchased goods are sent. Deliveries are not made to P.O. boxes. The Seller shall not be held liable for undelivered goods or ones delivered to a wrong address in case the customer has supplied wrong, incomplete, outdated or incorrect data in the address of delivery.

§3. The postal costs for the delivery of the ordered goods shall be covered by the Seller, CitySafari, with the exception of the cases of restriction of the service or the conditions of delivery of Bulgarian Posts applicable to the country of delivery.

§4. Any customs of other fees and services shall be covered by the buyer/recipient.
§5. Deliveries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria are made by courier to the recipient’s address. International deliveries are made by registered (to the recipient’s address) or regular mail depending of the Terms of Delivery of the posts of the country of the recipient.

§6. In the presence of circumstances leading to a delay in the fulfilment of the order, the Customer will be duly notified through the e-mail address he has pointed out for contacts.
Goods purchased via are delivered in several subsequent steps: collection and packing, sending, follow-up, receipt.

First step: Collection and Packing

This preparatory stage takes 2-3 work days and involves handling of each order. The goods purchased through the store are packed in parcels and prepared for sending to the buyer/recipient.
The time of preparation of the dispatch may vary depending on the availability, volume of orders made, demand of certain goods and other circumstances beyond the buyer’s responsibility. Any guarantees or statements regarding the time of delivery shall not be considered final and the buyer shall be waived of responsibility for a delay of any nature or force majeure.

Second step – Sending of a parcel

(D+3) Purchased goods pending delivery within the country (Bulgaria) shall be delivered within 3 work days (D+3).
(D+7) Goods pending delivery in the EU countries shall be delivered within 7 work days (D+7).
(D+ 20-25) Purchased goods pending delivery in any country outside Bulgaria and the remaining EU member states shall be delivered within 20-25 work days (D+ 20-25).

“D” is the day of submitting the parcel prior to the announced collection time (13 hrs). Parcels submitted later are considered as submitted on the following day.
"+ Number of days" – counts the number of days until the completion of the delivery.

Third step – Follow-up of parcel

Every parcel has its own identification code through which its movement can be followed via the website of the postal services on the territory of the respective country until it leaves its territory. After this stage the parcel is followed through its identification code via the website of the recipient-country or the country through which it passes before reaching its final destination.

Fourth step – Receiving of parcel

For deliveries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria it is important to point out an accessible address and an hour corresponding to the work time of the local courier/postal services within which the latter would deliver the parcel to a an eligible person (over the age of 18). In any other cases the parcel will be returned back to the post office, where it could be supplied on demand by the recipient.

For international deliveries the parcel will be available on demand at the post office of the population centre, pointed out in the address of delivery or depending on the terms of delivery of the local postal service.