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Welcome to the website of on-line store CitySafary.

The present General Terms (GT) determine the rules for use of the website , which are mandatory and binding for the Seller and the Customer, as well as for every visitor of the website.
Please, read carefully the present GT before undertaking any actions, related to the use of the website, and, in particular, purchase of goods from this store, because they have binding nature. If you do not accept them or if they are not fulfilled, the purchase of goods would be impossible or would be considered invalid.

Any order by a registered customer of the on-line store  has the status of a contract on purchase/sale concluded remotely between the Seller and the Customer. The filling in and submission of an order would be considered as an express manifestation of intention on the part of the Customer to sign the contract.The sale and delivery via the on-line store  is effected in accordance with the published Terms of Sale.

Any change in the present GT will be duly published on the website of and will be binding as of the date of its publication for any concluded service contract.

І. Definitions and general concepts

City Safari EOOD is a company filed in the Trade Register under UIC 20110218164741, having its registered address and address of the place of management at: city of Sofia 1715, Mladost 4 Borough, block 428, entrance А, 9th floor, apt. 33, offering goods through its on-line store at the following address:, hereinafter referred to as “Seller”.

“Customer” shall be a natural or legal person of age, registered as user at the website ( of the on-line store CitySafari and having made one or more orders for purchase that have been duly paid for. The Customer should have accepted the present GT and all other terms of the website and should have made an order and paid for it.
„Goods” shall be all articles in the store that have been individualized by a detailed description and/or colourful image and their price and producer have been pointed out.A valid contract between the parties shall be an order made via the website and successfully paid for. In any other cases the Consumer is committed to all terms of the website without the ones for sale, payment and delivery.

ІІ. Intellectual property rights

The Internet store CitySafari, URL:, contains legal, commercial and advertising texts, images, inscriptions, logos of trademarks, drawings, plans, charts, schemes, design, inscription, databases, methods, processes and software, which are an integral part of as well as protected copyrights and any other intellectual property rights.
The whole content of the website, including but not limited to the above pointed intellectual property rights are the exclusive property of the trading company City Safari EOOD.
The user of the website is authorized and agrees to use the website of the store only in accordance with its designation and is not entitled to reproduce, translate, manipulate, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works on the basis of any software or accompanying documentation provided by СS. and City Safari is a trademark owned by СS EOOD. You shall not be licensed or authorized to use these trademarks in any way and you shall accept not to use trademarks that are similar in terms of colour or font, fully or partially, without written authorization from СS EOOD. Reproducing the content or part of it may be done only by written authorization by the website owner or the holders of copyrights or any other intellectual property rights that have given their consent for using their works or other intellectual property rights. In any other case, an unauthorized use of any part of the website and its content shall be considered unlawful and shall be persecuted by all legal means including but not limited to seeking of compensation for any direct and indirect damages inflicted by the violation.

ІІІ. Personal data protection

We recommend that you should get familiarized with our Rules and policy for personal data protection, applicable not only in regards to the customers of the on-line store CitySafari but also in regards to all visitors of the website
Our Rules and policy for personal data protection will help you understand what kind of data are collected, handled and stored by Safari EOOD and for what purpose.

ІV. Liabilities
1. City Safari EOOD shall provide its customers with continuous access to the on-line store, where they could view its content. It shall handle orders for sale within the established business hours from 9 am to 5pm.

2. City Safari EOOD shall maintain and update the website with the due care for the purpose of providing high-quality and proper servicing of the users and customers of the on-line store. Any updates of the website content, including but not limited to, catalogues, pricing information, special offers and others are made at the discretion of City Safari EOOD without necessarily notifying the registered users in writing.

3. Limitations on the liability. The Seller shall not be held liable for:
3.1. The quality of the related services provided by other legal persons and connected to the operation of Internet, hosting and other services, disruption of the traffic at the fault of the Internet provider or the companies providing on-line services in connection with payments via the on-line store or providing other sales-related services (courier, etc.).
3.2. The quality of the service upon usage of faulty technical equipment and/or incorrectly configured software on the part of the Customer as well as at the fault of the Internet provider of the Customer.
3.3. If you have any doubts regarding the content of the website regarding the reliability of the services, the quality of the goods or any other doubts in the quality of the provided services, you are kindly requested not to use the services of the on-line store or any part of the content of the website In any other cases, if regardless of your doubts or reserves you use the services of the website, we remind you that the responsibility for that choice and all respective consequences are exclusively yours.

4. City Safari EOOD shall not be held liable for damages:
4.1. Caused by incorrect, unreliable or deceiving (misleading) information and/or data supplied by users/customers of the on-line store, information from the published news and/or other information sources as well as damages caused by undesired electronic exchange (spam).
4.2. Due to force majeure within the meaning of Article 306 of the Bulgarian Commerce Act.
4.3. In case of impossibility of any of the partners of the website – postal services, suppliers, etc. – to provide the respective services due to limitation of the service or any other force majeure.
4.4. Any direct, indirect, specific, incidental damages or ones having emerged simultaneously or subsequently and related to the use of software programmes, installed in the Customer’s PC, including damages for the possible occurrence of which the Customer has not been notified.
4.5. City Safari EOOD shall not be held liable for any additional costs related to the use of the software, including but not limited to, loss of data, costs on recovery of data and/or databases, costs on replacement of software, claims by third persons and the like.
4.6. City Safari EOOD shall not exercise control or be held liable about the information or any other services that are contained in the webpages of the external sources hyperlinked with the portal.
4.7. The company shall not be held liable in case of theft or loss of personal data on the part of third persons, leakage of information or negligence regarding the protection of personal data and all resulting consequences regardless of whether they have been envisaged in the contract and the conditions for using the website.

5. City Safari EOOD has the right at any time and at its discretion to make changes in the on-line store in connection with the maintenance, development and/or improvement of the quality of the services provided as well as to extend the scope of the services provided without written notification to the registered users of the website.
6. City Safari EOOD has the right to temporarily block (fully or partially) the access to the website in the course of 24 hours for the purposes of mandatory or necessary technical prophylaxis, improvements of the quality of the service, extensions, introduction of new features and other changes in the system. Users will be notified in advance about the precise schedule of the temporary blocking of the access to the system through messages posted at a conspicuous place on the website.
The parties declare that if any of the clauses of the present GT turn to be invalid, this would not entail invalidity of the whole contract, other clauses or parts of it. The invalid clause will be replaced by the imperative norms of the law or the established practice.

ІV. Sales

The sale and delivery of goods via the on-line store  are effected in accordance with the published Terms of Sale.

V. Delivery of goods

Goods, purchased via the on-line store  are delivered via the published Terms of Delivery.

VІ. Claims

All provisions regarding the warranty of the goods, the way of filing claims or return of purchased goods are contained in the Terms of Sale published herein.

Disputes and applicable law

1. Remote sales via are made under the terms and in accordance with the provisions of the effective Bulgarian legislation and, in particular, the Commerce Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Obligations and Contracts Act, the Protection of Personal Data Act, the Consumer Protection Act and applicable norms and other laws that are relevant to the sale of goods.

2. The Bulgarian legislation shall apply upon the application and the interpretation of the present terms. The same law shall be applicable for issues not regulated by the present GT.
3. Any disputes in connection with the use of the website and the services provided at the on-line store that cannot be settled through negotiations and amicably shall be referred to the Arbitration Court with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For additional issues, not regulated by the present GT, you can write here.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer any of your questions.
Thank you for getting familiarized with the General Terms. Enjoy your shopping!